Pati Smith, nutritionist and health practitioner has worked with me in a professional capacity for the past 10 years.

During this time, Pati provided me with excellent health-related information and vitamins to deal with mood swings, weight loss and coping with my recent open heart surgery.

I categorically endorse her services and great work.

Paul Wisenthal
Professional Writer

Pati Smith helped me take my life back. After 20 years of medications for anxiety disorders, depression and coping with stress, Pati's diet recommendations and vitamin suggestions strengthened my natural immune system.

Today, I am 'drug free' after years of prescription drugs. Despite a successful career and the birth of a beautiful boy in March 2002, I constantly struggled with chemical imbalances which produced panic attacks, high anxiety and depression. My medications ran the gamut from Seldane to Xanax and even Prozac.

During my pregnancy, I wanted to live my life free of my dependence on prescribed medications. Under the supervision of my doctor, I was slowly weaned off drugs. Working closely with Pati Smith, we reduced my caffeine intake and introduced a diet 80% free of dairy and gluten.

Despite a busy schedule raising a 2 year-old, spending quality time with my husband and a 30 hour work week, I sleep better and have more energy.

Pati made my life more enjoyable with her great nutritional advice and vitamins that brought a welcomed natural balance and sense of empowerment to my life. Allison Corcoran

Raising Riley, my two-hear-old son with chronic illness and irritability, challenged me as both a successful business woman and devoted mother. My life seemed chaotic and out of synch.

As owner of HealtheBabe, a thriving company, I was saddened to watch my son take five medications and numerous nebulizer treatments for Reflux, milk allergies, Asthma and Gastrointestinal problems. My nutritionist, Pati Smith, changed all that. She modified Riley's diet and added vitamins to help absorb nutrients better.

Two months later, brought profound positive changes for my boy. My cranky child now smiled, ran around the house hiding things and played tricks on us. I had a new son; less irritable, more outgoing and certainly with much more energy. He slept better and his eating habits improved resulting in weight gain. I was astonished and extremely happy.

March of this year was Riley's two year well visit. His pediatrician was truly impressed. My son was medication free. Pati gave my son a new life. For that I am truly grateful.

Allison Corcoran
Riley's Mom

If you see a medical doctor in a crisis situation consider optimizing your recovery with nutritional consultant, Pati Smith. I recently benefited from her consultation for ongoing adjustments to a situation that came up. She identifys an underlying chronic problem, assures a psychologically comfortable base of communication and keeps channels of communication open with clients from month-to-month. Pati believes that if we focus on a more ideal situation to the degree we get more information about how to reach optimum health, we can improve. Let me offer an example:

My life as an artist is stressful; from early on I learned to take vitamins. I got started on them heeding Adell Davis' words, "We are indeed much more than what we eat but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than we are." Today, in a later phase of my career in the creative life, I've realized my potential in a body of work that has become like a mine of rich ore, deep and in some ways more dangerous to drill. At sixty-something the same might be said of my age and nutritional needs. In three years Pati has changed my chemistry and immunity, my way of looking at foods and exercize - in an openly kind, always compassionate and creative relationship.

Besides being an excellent listener Pati provides valuable nutritional analysis with muscle response testing, monitoring her clients' health with advice on treatment, giving answers one can understand, and offers a variety of supplement solutions. As a testimony in her favor, I've referred many friends who want to strengthen their personal chain of survival.

Mym Tuma
P.O. Box 549, Southampton, NY 11969

I have been going to Pati Smith for years. She has taught me so much about nutrition and well being. I have a very stressful job, and without her nutritional and supplemental guidance, I would never be able to juggle my professional and personal life. Pati is such a caring and patient health care professional. Thanks for always being there for me!


Since I started taking Goji Juice, I am feeling more energy and sleeping so much better. I feel stronger and have less aches and pains. I also find it easier to handle stress. Thank you Pati for recommending Goji Juice to me.

Pat Thompson

I have been a client of Pati's for almost 20 years. When I first stepped into Pati's office I was so ill. Severe sinus infections, yeast problems, weakness, tiredness and a tremendous fear of never getting better. I had suffered with these symptoms for so long with no relief, that I felt there was no hope for me. My dear friend, Miriam recommended Pati and I am so grateful to her because within a short time, I began to experience relief for the first time in years. We worked diligently with many dietary changes as well as a very comprehensive supplement program which was right on target, allowing me to be blessed with such positive changes. I am eternally grateful and will continue to be mindful of my food intake and supplement program. Thank you dear God for this wonderful program.


Pati Smith is a truly unique and remarkable individual. Within the past 15 years, Pati Smith has provided me with consistent nutritional consultations that meet my own personal needs. She has always been eager to listen to my health concerns and ease my anxiety. I have met with Pati on a number of occasions in which each session is followed by an e-mail or a phone call in which I find myself thanking her for our visit. I notice a change almost immediately after meeting with Pati. She has helped me in the past to increase my appetite and also to regulate my thyroid. Where in most cases a health professional would prescribe medication, Pati takes the natural homeopathic route that does not include side affects. After I describe how I am feeling during our sessions, Pati puts it all into perspective using "common folk" language, helping me understand what might trigger me to feel certain ways and what natural supplements I can take to help balance out any weaknesses. Most recently, our session ended with a hug and a relief of gratitude. After visiting many other professionals in fear of a serious health complication, I went to Pati only to find out that what I had been suffering from all summer was merely allergies. I am looking forward to building up my immune system with the combination of supplements she has suggested. I highly recommend Pati Smith to all of my family and friends and to anyone who wishes a happier and healthier lifestyle. I believe I speak for all of my family members when I say that she has single-handedly changed our lives. Thank you Pati Smith.

Jennifer Jablonski M.S. Ed.