Pati Smith is a nutritional consultant and wholistic health practitioner. She uses Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing as a source of information to develop an individualized program in the areas of nutritional deficiencies, sensitivities to foods, chemicals and toxic substances.
In her practice, Ms. Smith offers informative guidelines on the role of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs, which an individual can choose to use in addressing specific concerns.
She emphasizes the importance of appropriate food choices and combinations, as well as the benefits of enzymes, which are vital for good health, and the prevention of disease.
Ms. Smith encourages creating a healthier lifestyle by reducing stress and changing dietary habits. She works with a variety of wholistic programs adapted to the requirements of each person. These may include mineral bath therapy, juice therapy, exercise, yoga and meditation.
Ms. Smith has helped many people restore their bodies back to health by creating a balanced nutritional environment which allows the cells to regenerate and the body to function optimally.

A Personal Source in Your Quest for Health